Despite the existential nature of the times, mainstream psychology and similarly existential professions have had little to say about an inevitable shift in identity precipitated by environmental changes
such as those already impacting families, communities, landscapes, habitats and species.

The status quo - that there are no alternatives - is not a long-term option for any of these.
Inevitably, alternatives will involve us personally, socially and globally
in either systemic breakdown, or breakthrough.​

Globe and Psyche generates and celebrates breakthrough projects.

Globe and Psyche 

Kia ora.

Welcome to the GaP​


the GaP connects people working within the broad psychological, psychotherapeutic and psycho-spiritual domains through projects to:

~ re-consider how we understand mind, consciousness
and identity in the context of the challenges the world faces
~ resource ourselves to take appropriate professional
and personal action​

~ promote a sense of wonder, curiosity
and celebration at the interbeing of all life

"We need a new restoration story.. to guide us out of the mess we're in, which tells us why we're in the mess and tells us how to get out of that mess. And that story...will infect the minds of people across the political spectrum. It should resonate with deep needs and desires. It should be simple and intelligible, and it should be grounded in reality......" 

George Monbiot, TED Talk, July 2019

Bridge the GaP​ 


Bridge the GaP is a response to calls from the earth science professionals for greater involvement in the climate/biosphere chaos conversation by their existential peers. The GaP promotes understanding of the psychological causes of climate crisis, as well as its emotional impacts.

1: sign a webletter from the psychological, psychotherapeutic

and psychospiritual professions to be widely promoted through our collective networks, and shared publicly via the media.

Read and sign the letter here

2: participate in local collegial conversations considering our lives and work in our understanding of identity and response to climate and ecological chaos.

See a suggested conversation framework here.

Globe and Psyche invites interest, support and participation from relevant clinicians, researchers, academics, theoreticians and professional bodies.

What do I do next? 

"The therapeutic community has a vital role in deepening understanding of how this plays out, both in our individual lives and in our culture. It can also throw light upon the psychological resources – resilience, courage, radical hope, new forms of imagination – that support change."

Paul Hoggett, The Vital Role of Therapists in Confronting Climate Change, PESI Blog, December 2018

The Gap Initiative:

1: to promote the greater involvement of the “existential professions”
- psychological, psychosocial, and psychospritual -
in the public discourse around the climate/ecological emergency 
in particular with regard identity as being causal.

2: to promote collegial conversations amongst “existential professionals”
for their personal support and in developing their clinical work. 

3: to increase the participation of existential professionals
willing to support their local communities 
as these manage inevitable shifts in their sense of community identity.

“The fundamental problem is, how soon can human beings reconcile themselves to the fact that the truth matters?  We can believe what we like, but that doesn't mean that the Universe is going to suit itself to our particular beliefs or our particular capacities.  It is we who have to do something about that; we have to alter to a point where we can comprehend the Universe in which we live.”

Wilfred Bion, 1978/2019, Four Discussions with Wilfred Bion,

....and find ways to ensure and share the joy of this with each other and all life