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Below is a selection of websites or facebook pages that seek to link people, resources and ideas that seem relevant to the objectives of systems  thinking and identity awareness.  These sites offer many services, connections and links that overlap, complement, or further the objectives of the GaP project. Please let us know of more that need to be included.


" can’t fight climate change. It’s like saying let’s fight the wind or ocean currents or sunshine. The climate changes every nanosecond. The atmosphere is a blessing that makes the Earth the paradise that it is. Using metaphors of war and conflict represents a dual-mindedness that somehow there’s an enemy out there, that the climate is our enemy, the atmosphere is our enemy. It’s our ally. Our enemy is our thinking, so let’s not fight. Let’s change and transform."

Paul Hawken, Drawdown designer - interview - 8/8/2017

“We have been taught to think about complexity... one of the limitations is that its about systems, about complexity... and its confusing because “how are we talking about this when, at another level, we are within this..” That's a big shift, recognising that we are within these transformations.”.... ”Talking about” is the issue, and its what sets up the context: we are within a context that doesn't like context!!”

Nora Bateson - The Spaces In Between - On The Edge podcast; 9 July 2019